Urban Escape came with a vision to enlighten people about the benefits of sensory deprivation tanks. We were able to exemplify what ‘float therapy’ could do for people in need of relaxation and pain relief. Before they came to us, they had little direction on what approach they should take to make their niche business appealing to those who need their service. By creating a website with appealing graphics and informative content, Adit contributed to the overall brand and image Urban Escape envisioned.

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Urban Escape’s primary focus was to create a high converting website that focused on educating people on what float therapy is. Like their logo, they wanted the site to constantly remind users of the feeling of floating. Because this is a natural therapy, we used light green, blues, and white to promote the senses of clean and clarity. They wanted an attractive to catch the attention of multiple age groups, but still a simple site to hold all of their information, promotions, images of their building, and more.

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