Soccer Genius Centre has been operating in Calgary, Canada since 2007, serving thousands of people who enjoy learning, practicing and playing soccer. For the young and not so young, Soccer Genius has unleashed a wave of new ideas, best practices, and development plans for soccer players and coaches in the area.

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Going digital for Soccer Genius meant running efficient campaigns that honed in on parents looking for soccer classes for their children. The objective was not to waste money targeting adults and teenagers who are looking for soccer fields for themselves. So for efficiency, we leveraged search.

Results: We are efficiently booking tours for their facility at an acquisition cost lower than any other medium of advertising. Soccer Genius has been able to book enrollments so much that they have opened up extra hours and classes.

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Soccer Genius wanted an eye-catching website that integrated with their rental application, making it easy for users to sign up, become a member, and rent the field. Through the color palette and design we wanted to mirror the fun atmosphere the centre has for all ages. We used the soccer ball silhouette from the logo, pictures from the centre, as well as pointed shapes to extend branding throughout every page.

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