Smile Artist Dentistry is a fully in-house dental practice in Almeda, Texas that caters to dental patients seeking general, cosmetic, or surgical procedures.

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Goal: Showcase the appealing aspects of the clinic through strong marketing campaigns that showcase the competitive advantages of the clinic being fully in-house and specialized in dental implants.

Strategy: Build a dynamic marketing campaign through AdWords and search engine optimization in order to educate users on the competitive advantages of going to Smile Artist Dentistry and use the personalized web design to allow users to feel comfortable booking an appointment online.

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Starting with the logo, Smile Artist wanted something without a tooth while incorporating aspects of their name and their reputation for creating beautiful smiles. After several versions, we came to a cursive typeface with a sort of framed color to reflect an artist’s canvas. The site pulls colors from their office and demonstrates the relaxed atmosphere they provide their patients. With a focus on cosmetic dentistry, we brought the framed element onto every page.

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