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Perhaps the most powerful tool online to generate leads and sales is search engine optimization. Did you know that 79% of people in Calgary are searching on Google before making purchasing decisions? Many times, Calgary companies that find themselves on the first page of Google are able to dominate their industry because of a solid SEO campaign. In comparison to other Calgary SEO companies, Adit focuses on targeting those keywords that generate both qualified-warm leads and higher volumes of traffic. At Adit, we are as focused on generating you a positive ROI as we are on ranking you on the first page of Google.

What makes Adit’s SEO services so much better?

  • Calgary SEO Services

    Money back Guarantee on Calgary SEO Services

    We guarantee that you rank on the first page of Google or your money back!

  • Efficient SEO Keywords

    Efficient SEO Keywords

    We target only those keywords we know will generate you a positive ROI and target keywords specific to Calgary to do this. Many times keywords you think would be common for your industry, are just not searched that often. Before we run an SEO campaign, we research keywords in your industry, look up their monthly search volumes, and study the behavior of consumers in Calgary searching these keywords. Only after getting your approval on these keywords do we actually begin. That way, you know exactly how many visitors you would be getting and at what cost.

  • Reporting and Action for SEO Calgary

    Increase Your Revenue Using a Data Driven SEO Campaigns

    In today’s technological era, conversion rates can be estimated, traffic can be measured, and we can even calculate the amount traffic you would get based on your Google SEO rank position. We love what we do, and we make it our mission to make sure that you have the edge on your competition in Calgary.

  • Full Disclosure

    Campaign Detail Reporting and Action for SEO Calgary

    In terms of tracking conversions, we have mastered how to track every way a consumer comes in contact and tries to communicate with your business through your website or social media. From product sales to appointments and tours to contact forms to online subscriptions,and phone calls, we track it all for you. We are able to see the keywords searched leading up to the conversion as well! This will be linked to how solid your SEO campaign is on Google. Our detailed reporting will give you a clear idea about the kind of work we do for you and how it is benefiting your business. Adit sets the bar high by optimizing your campaign based on these findings and on your location, Calgary.

  • Calgary SEO Guarantee

    Full Disclosure

    We don’t build weekly, monthly, or annual clients. We build relationships that last a lifetime. 98% of our clients stick with us permanently! What’s the key? Full disclosure. If we can’t do something pertaining to your vision, or think that something would not be profitable to you, we simply let you know. How can you be sure? We offer guarantees on all our work. So we only suggest what we know will work for you. We put our money where our mouth is, and that’s a promise!