Seema Eye Care Centre is a practice located in Calgary that focuses on LASIK & PRK optical procedures. Dr. Al-Ghoul came to us with a pre-existing website that required some marketing related tweaks and we implemented them to create a sales funnel for the website.


Goal: To use the website as more than just a general website about PRK & LASIK but rather make it marketable.
Strategy: By highlighting the competitive advantages and having all the important information on the homepage of the website, we are able to funnel potential patients towards booking an appointment while on the website.
Results: We have been able to successfully book a specific number of appointment bookings and consultations online, per month, based on the media buying strategies we’ve been implementing for Seema.

seemaeye creative two


The website was already created and designed to create a sense of calm to potential patients online. We made enhancements to the website such as banners that showcased specific aspects of the services provided as well as highlighting competitive advantages on the homepage.

seemaeye homepage