Nautical North sells wooden charts, maps, and more. Their art is based on bodies of water, stadiums, and golf courses. When Nautical North came to us they were unhappy with the appearance of their website and its performance level. Nautical North wanted an advertising firm that could not only build a very attractive brand online, but also increase their bottom line.

great lakes


With over 7,000 products, Nautical North wanted a site that was simple enough to navigate but matched the feel and design of their products. Keeping everything organized, we took the dark, antique tones and incorporated that feel throughout the site, not pulling focus from the fact that this is a store.


Created an Online Store in Magento and imported 7000+ products from their previous website. Executed a phenomenal Search Engine Optimization campaign focusing on each product and it’s body of water. Promoted their products using Facebook Marketplace to engage users and increase sales. Ran an Adwords campaign specific to each product. Within 4 months of going live, we increased their sales by 1000%. Nautical North now enjoys a 15 time ROI increase on ad spend.