i.D. Inglewood, by Sarina Developments, offers homeowners a blend of contemporary finishes, high-end features and spacious interiors – right in the heart of Calgary’s sought-after Inglewood area.

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Goal: Create a name and build a brand that makes Sarina’s Inglewood development stand out and appeal to those luxury buyers. Design a website that is mobile responsive and very attractive to the modern generation looking to live in the inner-city. Run paid marketing campaigns that focus on getting warm leads looking to buy condos and townhomes in Inglewood and Kensington area of Calgary.

Strategy: The first thing we did was create a user profile of the typical person or couple that would purchase their condos. Based on their preferences, demands, and interests we designed a logo and website that brought to focus a specific lifestyle setting.

Results: iD enjoys a 10% plus conversion rate and they have been able to translate online leads into ACTUAL real estate sales.

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i.D. Inglewood is a unique condo development and needed a modern website that helped showcase the edgy living complex. A clean look that didn’t distract too much from the photos of the units was the primary concept. By using hues of black, red, and turquoise, we organized content and selling points into compartments inspired from the condo floor plans.

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