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We Track, Record, And Listen to Phone Calls

The phone number on your website changes based on where your customer came from. We record and listen to all calls, filtering out irrelevant calls. Only new inquiries who are leads, sales, appointments, etc qualify as leads.

Contact Form Tracking

When a potential customer fills out a form on your site, we track exactly where they came from using Google Analytics. Because we also track your phone calls, we know which users actually turned into quality leads.

We List Leads/Customers Generated by Name

Throughout the course of the month, we list your customers by name so you can measure which of your customers came from our efforts.


Businesses strive with our social media strategies. Here are some recent case studies:


I run a large medical facility and I've been very pleased with my experience working with Adit. They have done an excellent job at designing my website, managing my social media, and online advertising. They utilize advanced techniques and evolve with the market and trends.

Dr. Abdulla Kudrath


Great company and great work! Would highly recommend them as they have helped our business grow. Enjoy working with all the staff and their advice on business marketing. Thank you for everything!

Farrah Sunderji


Adit did an excellent job re-designing and branding my clinic’s website. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable with the process of marketing my practice online.

Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera


The team at Adit has allowed my businesses to grow with bringing in more patients through SEO and SEM. I would highly recommend their services.

Dr. Sahra Kanji


My website is optimized for mobile which is most important to me. Their digital marketing works and has helped me grow my business.

Dr. Nguyen

What Makes Our Ad Strategies Unique

  1. Precision in Targeting:

    Marketing online isn't just about targeting the right people. It's more important to not target the WRONG people. In a given budget, maximizing efficiency is fundamental to minimizing your cost to acquire a customer. At Adit. we don't go through your budgets just targeting people in a given demographic. We stagger the spend and continually optimize our targeting so we efficiently spend your budget.

  2. Target Specific Demographics and Searches:

    We make sure to understand exactly what type of demographic you're targeting, the keywords that are most relevant to you, and the competitive advantages you have so that we can deliver you a high, lead-generating campaign that targets the right audience.

  3. We Use Dynamic Number Insertion:

    Which allows us to track which leads came in from which keywords. A big part of online conversions are phone calls. We track these to the specific keyword that generates the phone call. Dynamic number insertion allows us to allocate a phone number to each keyword, ad group, or campaign. This way, we know exactly which keywords, ad groups, or ads are delivering results.

  4. Full Design and Development Team:

    Running ads online is a very volatile and time-sensitive process. Many times campaigns are underperforming because of landing pages, poor messaging, or other website related issues. We have a design and development team strictly dedicated to our clients that run ads. This allows us to make adjustments to the website on demand. Many times, especially in the first month, we change out our landing pages one to two times a week. Better yet, these are usually included in your fees to Adit. So, we incur the cost and we do it within 2-3 days. When you're spending a sizable budget on ads, you want a team that is versatile enough to make changes to your campaign in all aspects.

  5. In-house Copywriters:

    We have the best copywriters who are skilled at producing messaging that drives action. Being digital is great, but it's still copy the drives actions. We understand and respect that. As a result, we are constantly brainstorming ways to stand apart from the rest using creative and effective ad copy.

  6. We don't have automated systems:

    We build all of our campaigns from scratch and are constantly optimizing them every month. Many companies, have an automated system which creates a campaign for all of their campaigns. In contrast, we understand every business is different. We customize your ad campaign based on your demographic, target area, competitors, core advantages, & more. Everything is very specific to you and your company.

  7. We don't believe in Auto-Pilot:

    Many times when a campaign is performing well, ad agencies just let it go and start working on other clients. We don't! We believe in being proactive, rather than reactive. Every single month, we go over negative keywords and search term reports with you regularly, create ad extensions, pause low performing ads, update ad copy to reflect your promotion, and make sure your ads are performing with a quality score of 7 and above.

  8. We offer a free marketing trial:

    We're the only digital agency that offers a free 30-Day trial. We do it, because we know we can drive instant results.


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  • What the frequency of these searches are and how it goes up and down through the course of the year
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