Clarity Laser Vision is a LASIK and PRK vision correction centre in Calgary with the goal to create an amazing patient experience and show this to users online. They wanted to allow potential patients the opportunity to learn about their centre and allow them to book an appointment online.


Our goal, by using high-resolution images, rich content, and quality videos (both testimonials and general), we are giving the users a more holistic idea of what Clarity is all about and will give them a sense of confidence in the services and reputation of the practice. This, in turn, will help promote engagement and possibly booking a consultation as a result, which is our objective.

Clarity Creative One
Carity Creative Two
Clarity Creative Three
Clarity Creative Four


We created a visually appealing website to capture the branding of clearer and enhanced vision. We used high definition images to illustrate what their services can do for patients looking to do this procedure as well as gave them access to testimonials and videos about the centre to paint a clearer picture and allow them to engage with the website.

Clarity Homepage Screenshot