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Why Adit for Website Design?

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  • Elaborate research on Calgary trends before web design

    The cornerstone of our success lies in our research. Adit will not hand you a website until we’ve thoroughly gone through your company’s prior achievements, the product or service you’re selling and the Calgary demographic you are selling to. We break down your marketing strategy by understanding your consumer, their search tendencies, buying behavior, and what appeals to them. Moreover, we recognize your current sales process, and build a strategy to match this process online. Additionally, our team of SEO experts develop an in-depth SEO strategy that will competitively advance your business within your industry. This helps all the necessary features of your company into the design process and ultimately achieves a solid web design. In our case studies, we distribute surveys and acquire data in Calgary, to learn about your consumers, your products and services, and other features that influence the sales process and web design. Creating a web design that Calgary natives will respond to, can involve highlighting specific qualities they would identify with. Once we have thorough knowledge on your Calgary demographic, products or services, and sales approach, we move on to content creation.
  • Writing your sales pitch – content creation

    Content is King of website creation! When you detail out your marketing strategy (SEO and PPC) into words, you are capturing the principle of your online brand’s selling power. You can have a tighter grasp of what it takes to sell specifically to the people of Calgary, and what is attainable in the process. A good web design can draw the attention of consumers, but well-written content that is SEO driven is what sells them. Based on the data we collect, concerning the interest of your consumer base, we provide content that not only appeals to consumers, but also differentiates it your competitors locally and globally. SEO efficient content and design go hand-in-hand, making it essential to your website efforts that your content is equally high in quality.
  • Creation of your calgary website design

    Only after there is a firm grasp of your vision are we able to efficiently build your brand and vision. We don’t simply create a logo and website design, we produce a well-rounded brand that clearly conveys your competitive advantage. Our in-house Calgary web design team, strives to deliver a brand that specially caters to your patrons, integrates your vision, stands above your competitors, and generates sales
  • Proficient web design programming

    Adit has a strong, skilled in-house IT team. Calgary-based clients always receive websites that include the latest front-end special effects, fast load times, SEO efficient frameworks, mobile responsiveness, and more. Approximately 34% of online traffic uses a mobile phone or iPad to view your website, which prompts us to build websites that fit ALL screen sizes including phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and big monitors. Not only are our websites mobile responsive, but the web designs are crafted to showcase the business and product efficiently. We even build websites that fit 4k screens perfectly!
  • Data-driven analytics

    At Adit, we aim for dominant and practical data that can be utilized to improve and optimize marketing campaigns. With that in mind, Adit practices the most efficient SEO frameworks and data-driven programming to record and display thoroughly detailed data. Amongst many things mentioned, our analytics program tracks your consumers’ behavior, how they came to your site, their behavior on the website, the point at which they left, and much more. Adit’s Calgary web design team uses advanced technology to determine the number of phone calls, subscriptions, booked tours, appointment forms filled out online, as well as the keywords that are generating these conversions.
  • We're a full-service agency.

    Adit is a full-service marketing agency that provides everything you need in terms of marketing! Our talented IT and marketing team uses their expert experience to transform your business’s online existence. Whether you want to create a mobile app or use various marketing platforms to expose your brand, we will attain your needs with the maximum quality. Our IT and PR capabilities are flexible enough to allow the creation videos while establishing the best media exposure your brand needs. We put your success ahead of our own, because we stand by our work and we are only as successful as our clients are! Adit has the scalability to grow with you and develop the way your company expands. By choosing Adit, you are choosing a lifetime of quality. Not only do we build your website design, but we cultivate your identity online and ensure it is nothing but the best.

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