Avenue 33 is a building company located in the heart of Calgary. They build upscale, modern lofts and condos that cater to the young working professionals that inhabit the inner city.

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Goal: We aimed to make the brand distinct and recognizable to make this home development stand apart from the rest of its competitors. We followed a luxury and quality aesthetic design and built an efficient marketing campaign online that focused on gauging consumers seeking real estate in the inner city area of Calgary.

Strategy: Initially we created a user profile that would indefinitely appeal to the standard demographic they are targeting. We created a website that would be considered visually appealing to the typical consumer in terms of living standard, lifestyle, general interests, and necessities. We created a sales funnel through promoting show homes and floorplans and created a form that gave users early buyer pricing in order to initiate contact with those interested.

Results: Avenue 33 has generated tremendous leads from a highly efficient marketing campaign through AdWords and SEO and continues to dominate online sales as a result of their brand.

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The design of this website is geared towards presenting consumers with a modern and trendy lifestyle the Marda Loop area provides. The logo was inspired by a sign that directing people towards the right direction. In order to promote this entire area we used a simple color scheme of greys, whites, a gold yellow, and slanted lines and shapes to move the user from page to page. Most people coming to this site are looking for a nice space or apartments, so we complimented the beautiful photos with this unique form of branding.

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